Epstein, Sandy

Moved by the primordial power of the mountain landscapes in Big Sky, Sandy Epstein works to capture their essence.  Powerful.  Simple.  Elegant.  Reflective.  Her Lone Peak series is evocative of the minimalism of Rothko, the spontaneity and intensity of Kline, and the large-scale action work on solid fields of Twombly– and yet her paintings are grounded in the reality of nature.

Epstein’s artistic roots are in sculpture.  This grounding in the shape of matter informs the essence of her paintings.  Often monochromatic, the paintings seek out the anatomy of place.  Using a palette knife or broad brushstrokes, Epstein sculpts out the mountains onto raw canvas. Her technique is painterly, loose and gestural.   There is also evidence of dripped, scumbled and splashed surfaces.  The physicality of her paintings, often done en plein air in view of Lone Peak, is the essence of her work.

Epstein’s versatility and talent is showcased in The Mountains Within Us in her mountain landscape large-format paintings, pigment visual imagery and bronze work.  Her work connects us to the mountains and the earth, opening viewers to the power of nature within us.

“The Snowman” is serious art- bronze cast in the lost wax method used for thousands of years- with a whimsical touch.  The irony of a snowman created from hot, molten bronze, meant to be enduring, is playful yet timeless.   Epstein’s bronze, “Holdin’ Tight” was inspired by her admiration for the work of Remington and Russell.  Like “Sky Ride,” the unique bronze edition created exclusively for the Big Sky PBR winner’s trophy, “Holdin’ Tight” is sculpted in a classic, western, iconic style.


Bronze, palate knife paintings


A sculptor and painter, Epstein’s current work focuses on large-scale pieces that are spiritual in nature, abstract in form, and gestural in execution.