Fogelsong, Ethel

My earliest art experience was drawing ranch animals on the back of envelopes at the kitchen table with my father. A serious interest in art began with classes at Montana State University. Although my Bachelor of Science degree is in clothing, textiles and business, design classes provided the basic structure I now utilize in my paintings. I developed proficiency in watercolor and acrylic media before discovering the richness of oil paint.

Striking lighting effects across the landscape and a sense of serenity are trademarks of my work. Having direct interaction with my subject enables me to evaluate color relationships, shapes and values that a camera would miss. Large canvases are completed in the studio, working from smaller field studies. My work varies from realistic renditions of still life to impressionistic landscapes and florals laid in with a palette knife.

The stimulation of workshops with contemporary master artists, in addition to good old hard work has developed my skill. Weekly interaction and study with artist friends challenges my viewpoint and keeps my work honest.


Oil landscapes


Growing up in Montana has allowed me to develop a strong sensitivity to the natural world. It pleases me when I can take something that is often overlooked and point out its significance. Whether I am painting the changing seasons in the aspen groves, fishing with my husband, or puttering in my gardens, I quickly find inspiration.