Woodard, Greg

Greg Woodard was born in Prescott Arizona in 1958.  His mother used to tell him that he was “born under a cactus.”  Greg  has always felt like he belonged outdoors.

Greg’s artistic career began as a bird carver.  He has numerous awards from competitions across the country, including five best of show ribbons from the Ward World Competition.  In 1992, he won the most prestigious award given to any wildfowl decorative carver, The Ward World Class “Best of the World”.  In 2000 he captured the Ward World Class “Best of the World” in interpretive carving as well.  “Interpretive” carvings are allowed to be free of texture and paint as the artist wishes to convey his interpretation of wildlife.  To date, he is the only carver to have attained world champion status in both categories.

In sculpture, Greg has been inspired by George Carlson’s work, as well as Rodin and Michelangelo.  Like most highly successful artists, Greg continues to search for inspiration from others as well as within himself.  Experimentation, growth, and experience moves him forward.


Bronze sculpture, carvings

After graduating from high school, Greg worked in a cabinet shop with his father. When he had spare time from making cabinets and furniture, he began carving decoys. His first decoy was carved using only a duck stamp as reference. It was not a bird he was very proud of. Because of this early experience and the embarrassment he felt showing it to others, he is now a strong voice for the importance of proper reference and knowing your subject thoroughly.