Krause, Nancy

For 30 years Nancy Krause has enjoyed a successful career in the arts. After majoring in illustration and design at CSU, Nancy was recruited by Hallmark Cards in Kansas City to illustrate greeting cards and other decorative products. She began to freelance in 1982, expanding her repertoire to include U.S. Postage Stamps, wall paper design, illustrating childrenʻs books and now, creating unique jewelry with an ethnic influence. She is clearly a superior designer who has an intuitive aesthetic feel for whatever she focuses on.

This past year Nancy was chosen to be the jewelry designer for the Rocky Mountain Womenʼs Film Festival in Colorado Springs. She created over one hundred individual, unique pieces that were sold at this annual venue.

Nancy creates one of a kind, original designs, each with an international flavor. Her choice of medium for these pieces include hand carved bone, horn, numerous semiprecious stones, hand rolled African beads, ceramic, hand done glasswork, pewter, silver plate and silver, brass, copper, base metals, coins, carved wood, hand painted beads, cinnabar, etched and carved stones. These materials are harvested from around the world. Nancy has a unique way of incorporating “special finds” into wearable artworks. She enjoys making jewelry with a sensitivity to practical wearability combined with a classic color sense. Please enjoy wearing each piece as much as she did making it.


One of a Kind Jewelry