Pipinich, Nick

Like his father, Nick is a sheet metal worker by trade. After many years of working in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning business, Nick’s interest in crafting specialty items from metal led him from the construction industry to the art world.

Nick enjoys the challenge of turning a flat sheet of metal into a fine work of art. He never tires of working in his tin shop, going from using a torch, a hammer and a welder to painting with patinas. He is always inspired and constantly wishing, like many of us all do, that there was more time in the day. Nick has learned and continues to learn about working with metal, especially the process of aging copper using combinations of patina and exposing it to different types of weather to create a unique, beautiful work of art.

Nick enjoys down-hill skiing and spending time in the mountains hiking, hunting and just getting away from it all. His favorite place to get away is his cabin on the Smith River. Nick grew up learning to fish on the Smith. Years ago, as he was hopper fishing one day, Nick had a thought that it would be really neat to make a copper weather vane of a fish chasing a hopper. His first try looks nothing like his signature fish look now, but it remains hanging at the cabin where it belongs.

Nick’s work, including his signature copper fish, can be seen at the Creighton Block Gallery in Big Sky and Virginia City, Montana.



Copper Sculptor