Ricks, Martin

Marty Ricks up in Southeastern Idaho, surrounded by rivers, mountains, and artists.  His father Don Ricks, and all three of my brothers, were  professional artists.   In his late thirties Ricks met the Russian artist Sergei Bongart at an art demonstration in Idaho Falls.  He and Sergei became partners and established a summer art workshop program in Southeastern Idaho.  Ricks loved Idaho because his pioneer ancestors had settled there and Sergei loved Idaho because it reminded him of his beloved Kiev.  

In 2010 Ricks spent six weeks exploring his family’s artistic roots in Russia, going to art museums in Kiev and St. Petersburg.  Expecting to find interesting landscape subjects for his paintings, Ricks found himself moved instead by the people  of Ukraine and St. Petersburg.  “This left me with somewhat of an artistic quandary because I am a landscape painter and  not qualified to paint what my heart was asking for.” 

Ricks deep love of the landscapes of the West as well as his admiration for the art and people of the Ukraine are reflected in his luminous paintings.


Oil on Panel or Canvas


The work of Russell Chatham haunted my thoughts even before I knew why.  Chatham had created his own "paint language" which many of my artist friends found resonating inside themselves.