Ukrainetz, Ron

I feel very fortunate to have been born here in Montana. I grew up around a huge variety of nature, people, artists, and events, all of which has helped to shape my artwork in some fashion. From the early years of bringing home all sorts of small animals to building modified stock cars to carpentry and a love of history, I’ve managed a well rounded cache of experiences to enhance my work. This page provides a few of the results of those experiences.

While living in the remote and pristine Swan Valley of Western Montana, I had numerous opportunities to participate in a variety of studies, some dangerous, and some back-breaking. I became a licensed raptor rehabilitator with the Grounded Eagle Foundation. Studying grizzly bear habitat and travel corridors was the most memorable. The back country of the Mission Mountain and Bob Marshall Wilderness area will, in all likelyhood, remain wild. It is some of the most rugged, and most beautiful in North America. I also participated in several Mountain Lion studies. Mountain lions are to be feared and respected. And they make great subjects for artwork. Of my encounters with these cats, I must say that I am very lucky to be here. Bear Spray works well on cats, too! Archaeology has always been a love of mine, and I participated annually for 8 years in digs near my studio on Lindbergh Lake. Artifacts that I found still remain in the ‘custody’ of the USFS.



Oils, plein air, clayboards


Soft Stepper © is typical of Ron Ukrainetz' signature style. The process of engraving on a clay surface and subsequently glazing over those engravings with acrylics was not done before Ron began in 1977. The surface is kaolin clay on oil-free masonite. Claybord is the product name. The engraving is done using tools ranging from simple steel needles, to formal engraving nibs. The process is much like watching grass grow, ONLY SLOWER! Ron's knowledge of anatomy and wildlife is extensive and ongoing and it is reflected sincerely in his work..