Thompson, Ellie

As a creative urban dweller and bike racing, mountain explorer, Ellie Thompson’s designs are influenced by worlds both natural and modern.

Comprised of sterling silver belt buckles, and fine jewelry in multicolor gemstones and precious metals, Thompson’s latest collection, Primal Dreams, is an organic exploration of the balance between soft and strong, fierce and finessed, wild and precious. A departure from the geometric and linear designs of her urban inspired works, the nautilus scrolls and dragon tails combine to create a complex show of form, space and movement.  Feminine curves play against the edges of sharp, aggressive details. Tribal visions work within a mechanical rhythm. The designs are at once familiar and other worldly.

“The American spirit is fierce and finessed. And the American collector who epitomizes this idea, creates a personal style that shows strength and a sense of adventure, says Thompson, “it is this person that connects with my work.”

Thompson has won numerous awards for her innovative use of rare colored gemstones and precious metals. She has earned the prestigious Spectrum Award three times and the American Vision Award twice. She has also received accolades from World Gold Council and Platinum Guild International. In 2000, she was awarded First Prize in the American Jewelry Design Council’s New Talent Competition, an award that launched her into the national spotlight.

Thompson has work featured in the permanent collection exhibition in the Grainger Hall of Gems at The Field Museum in Chicago.


Unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry

“Good design has a broad sensual appeal. It is aesthetically balanced, interesting to touch, yet comfortable. It tells a story, starts a conversation, and enhances individual style.”