Ukrainetz, Echo

Echo is a Montana native and was a teacher for many years. She is a self-taught batik artist and has been working in the medium since 1992. Echo enjoys experimenting with the many different aspects of batik. Her batiks are in collections across North America and  have been included in numerous auctions and exhibitions. She enjoys using a wide variety of subject matter. Her husband and she occasionally collaborate on designs.

What is Batik?

Batik is one of the “resist” processes for making designs on fabric, using wax on fabric to prevent dye from penetrating the cloth.  Wax is applied to fabric, followed by dye, perhaps in many successive layers in complex batiks. I layer the dyes as well as paint them on the fabric.  The crackle effect is usually achieved during the final dye bath




I have chosen fine art batik because I enjoy the manipulation of the medium, the complex layering effects, and the sometimes unexpected, yet interesting outcomes in each work of art. The subject matter I choose provides me with the opportunity to experiment with color and composition. Each batik is a whole new ball of wax.