• Violet Agate #1 24x18 Chapman
    Chapman, Julie T.

    In the 1990s we began exploring American and Canadian wilderness areas, and I began drawing and painting wildlife (at last, something besides horses!). In 2002 I won the Arts for the Parks Grand Prize, which precipitated our move from California to Montana and kicked me in the butt to become a full-time artist (finally!).

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  • Earthscape One 18x18 Epstein
    Epstein, Sandy

    A sculptor and painter, Epstein’s current work focuses on large-scale pieces that are spiritual in nature, abstract in form, and gestural in execution.

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  • Apsaalooke War Party 48x60 Pease
    Pease, Ben

    I have been practicing as a professional Native Artist for almost 4 years around the country. My work and process are currently evolving, for the more I learn, the less I know. The sole purpose of my creations is to motivate others to keep in mind, and to gain as much knowledge about who they are in their families, community, society, and in this world. Also, to have a little fun.

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  • Red Man and Woman 32x40 Ransom
    Ransom, Robert

    Ransom uses forced perspective, maximum intensity primary colors applied to oil glazes. He creates familiar yet haunting backgrounds to set the stage for the expressiveness of the figures, surrogates of human actions that are used as triggers for the physical and emotional response of the viewer.

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  • Bear Medicine Victory Dance 60x48 Red Star
    Red Star, Kevin

    "Indian culture has in the past been ignored to a great extent. It is for me, as well as for many other Indian artists, a rich source of creative expression. An intertwining of my Indian culture with contemporary art expression has given me a greater insight concerning my art. I hope to accomplish something for the American Indian and at the same time achieve personal satisfaction in a creative statement through my art."

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  • Raven 17x26 Zaluzec
    Zaluzec, Pete

    While artist Pete Zaluzec prides himself on his versatility and has been recognized nationally for his work in various mediums, it is his current venture into the world of wildlife photography and the method of "Gampi" that has once again caught the attention of a fascinated public.

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