Brenna Tyler

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My parents tell me that the connection I have with horses was innate. I bonded to them and they responded to me when I was very little. The experiences I’ve shared with horses comes from my lifestyle. It extends from professionally schooling, boarding, breeding, selling, and participating in polo, rodeo, hunt seat, western, english and dressage. I’ve also been a riding instructor and vet assistant for race horses.

As I strive to live my truth, I believe in my inner strength and am grateful for every moment, everyone, and everything. With honor and respect for all the past and all the future, I accept and embrace the present. When nothing seems to stay the same for very long in this ever changing world, there is one thing that is always consistent…

Horses have always held an important and noble role in relation to the ranch and family. Horses are often involved when my family and friends spend time together.They are crucial for transportation and success in ranch work as well as pleasure riding and show time. Our horses are not just assets, they are part of our family.

My admiration and respect for horses has also been expressed through mediums such as charcoal, pastels, water color, pencil, ink, serigraphy, lithography, iron and steel metal working, wood working, copper, glass, and clay.

I enjoy creating pieces that are unusual, with organic qualities, textures, and unpredictable surprises. I also love exploring the potential of new materials and variations of mediums that can be captured on canvas, natural materials, or in bronze. Through sculpture and painting, I hope to share love from my life that viewers can interpret in their own way.

Horses have taught me about will, virtue, honesty, self acceptance, and what matters most in my life. I cherish them and still have so much to learn from them. Portraying them in art is a joy I cannot define.