Burl Jones

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West Virginia, its rich traditions and culture nurtured an artistic sensibility in Burl Jones that would build into one of the country’s most respected careers in bronze sculpture.

While still in college Burl married his childhood sweetheart, Eunice. Forty-six years later, they have two sons, Mark and Allen. Mark is a physician living and practicing in Billings, Montana. Allen is a professional writer and is currently writing fiction and editing for a major publishing house. He also lives in Montana.

After nearly twenty-five years of dentistry, Burl shifted gears several years ago to focus entirely on his sculpture. Clay and wax are his mediums now, and provide a way of expressing his love for those interests that have dominated his life. Wildlife, mountain men, Native Americans, fishermen and hunters all come to have a life of their own under his skilled hands. Over two hundred original sculptures have been produced in limited editions and sold to collectors worldwide.

We currently split our time between our ranch in the Missouri Breaks of Montana, our home in Huntley, MT and our home in Sissonville, WV. The art career has grown into a full occupation for both Euni and me, I produce and Euni markets. Well over 200 limited edition bronzes have been created and many editions have been sold out. We continue to regularly produce and market new works and many older pieces continue to be in demand as well.