Carol Hagan

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Carol was born in the small farming community of Central City, Nebraska. At the age of six, her family moved to Montana, and she has lived there ever since. Painting and drawing really didn’t play an important role in her life, throughout her childhood and teenage years, but she had loved color as far back into her childhood as she can remember. In college, she studied to be an accountant. She found her passion for painting in 1987 at the age of 25, after her son, Matthew, was born. She was searching for an occupation that would allow her to stay at home and raise her child, and still make ends meet. “Becoming a mother was the single most extraordinary event in my life. It awakened a sense of creativity in me, in addition to giving me a sense of overwhelming gratitude, just to have the chance to experience being a mother to such a wonderful son.” A desire to listen to her own voice and express herself through her paintings quickly became a passion.

Spending much of her life in Montana has allowed Carol to nurture a deep love of the American West. She is in awe of its raw, spectacular beauty and grand vistas, rolling grassy hills and stunning mountains, and the animals that inhabit this incredible land.

She has loved horses since early childhood. “I consider myself very blessed to be so close to the animals that give me so much inspiration and joy. I enjoy trying to capture the fluidity of their graceful, forceful forms and movements in my paintings, through brushstrokes, marks, texture, and color. Horses are old souls. The quiet exchange of positive energy and communication that takes place standing next to a horse, or within a group of horses, is simply extraordinary. They hold within them a silent calm, and a powerful sense of acceptance, grace, wisdom, and strength.”