Charles Ringer

Charles Ringer, kinetic artist, speaks on TED-x:

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For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued by the physics of life around me. As a child in Minnesota, I began to arrange and assemble various objects into three dimensional creations. This process enabled me to translate my mental observations into physical reality. As an artist being self-directed has been instrumental in developing my individual technique. The discipline of trial and error has proven to be my best education.

I was attracted to metal at an early age, because of its many contrasts. The medium itself is originally coarse, heavy, hard, utilitarian and unforgiving. During the creative process, the material is cut, heated, pounded, welded and polished. The end product becomes a durable work of art. My sculpture involves both a kinetic and static presence, portraying both complex and whimsical images, creating a visual attractant.

I create several diverse styles of sculpture. The animated silhouettes are individually cut out of one-quarter inch steel plate. Movement is created through a pendulum effect, which brings the silhouette to life. The larger geometric kinetic sculptures are elegant designs originating from welded steel and exotic metals, resulting in an intricate geometric design, when stationary, which is capable of producing infinite optical effects, when set in motion. In addition to the kinetic work, I also fabricate steel vegetation in a variety of sizes and construct stable geometric designs from structural tubing and steel plate. All of this work can be sized from tabletop to monumental.