Deb Hutchings

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It is from her studio in the wide-open space of New Mexico that artist Deborah Hutchings draws much of the inspiration for her vivid, natural paintings. After many years living and painting in New England, Deborah decided that it was time for a change, to experience the grandeur of the mountains, the desert and the golden colors. Her paintings reflect the serenity and beauty of her present surroundings in the Southwest and the sense of tranquility of her years in New England.

After a successful career as an advertising executive, Deb turned her creative talent to fine art. Her background includes a bachelor’s degree in graphic arts from the University of West Chester and postgraduate work at Northeastern University. She has also studied at the Ridgewood Art Institute, Silvermine School of Art, The Lyme Academy and worked with such nationally known artists as Charles Reid and David Dewey.