Doug Monson

Doug enjoying the outdoor life!

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Growing up with an innate love of art, he spent much of his time pencil in hand drawing. Being a self-taught artist, much of his youth was spent in the mountains of Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Studying all wildlife their anatomy, mannerisms and character. Photographing their beauty and that of the landscapes they survive in. He gave up his day job in 2017 to pursue art full-time.

Doug is an emerging artist specializing in large scale charcoal drawings. “My true passion is capturing the exact texture to make my subjects come to life”. Fueled by masters such as Charlie Russell, Robert Shufelt and many others he had concluded that it is in the small details that personality of a subject is found and felt. His collector’s enjoy the “In Your Face” subject matter.

Doug and Donna (his wife) raised six children in the small town of Levan Utah, where the hills and wildlife were just outside the door. With the children all grown they decided to follow their dreams. They now reside in Afton, Wyoming. Enjoying the studio of his dreams and the beauty of the west around every corner.