Kashmir Weavers

Kashmir Shawls at the Gallery August 30th & 31st, noon to 5 pm. Stop in to learn and feel these wonderful handmade shawls
All of the shawls I have are handmade in Kashmir, and sold by me on consignment for the weavers.  To be able to provide them some funds when I return to India on September 10 would be very helpful, especially during these difficult times.
Right now Kashmir is totally on lock down status … all internet, phones, landlines have been cut, and over 400 Kashmir government officials have been put on house arrest.  No more than 4 people can gather together in public, roads are closed with over 30,000 Indian troops monitoring activities.  The United Nations High Commissioner for Civil Rights has now announced deep concern over the situation in Kashmir.  I worry for my weaver’s safety as well as their ability to have access to food and medicines, and especially the risk of ethnic cleansing.