Miles Glynn


Star Western in Neon
Mixed Media, 42 XC 72

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Miles Glynn is an American artist residing in Bozeman, Montana. The son of a U.S. Army photojournalist, Miles spent his formative years tagging along with his father on photo assignments and learning the science and art of developing photographs in the dark room.

These early experiences and memories forged what would become driving forces in Miles’ personal and professional life: the joy of exploring our vast country, the solace found in simple moments on the open road, the drive to constantly move toward the next bend and beyond. With each passing mile he seeks to reconcile the natural and man-made worlds and contextualize the effect time has had on them.

Rather than merely documenting his subjects, Miles instead aims to present his interpretation of them. And therein lies the challenge and the art: to present unique and compelling interpretations which nobody else viewing the same scene could create.

In Wallflower Series, Miles combines photographs of vintage wallpapers and animals. He travels to abandoned homesteads, gritty ghost towns, and buildings dripping with history to photograph these exquisite wallpapers from a bygone time. To him, these glorious relics portray an effort made by people who wished to enjoy a simple bit of beauty inside their dwelling on the harsh and hostile American frontier. But time has had its way with these buildings, and in his own way, he takes comfort in helping the grace and grandeur of these relics to live on.