Ott Jones

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Montana artist, Ott Jones, a professional sculptor for 32 years, has created a diverse collection of wildlife and sporting sculpture.

A graduate of Washington State University, Ott is a member of Allied Artists Of America. He has participated in other events including C. M. Russell Exhibition, National Sculpture Society, Society of Animal Artists and Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.

His widely collected pieces are found in corporate and private collections throughout the country. Ott was recently honored in having Queen Elizabeth acquire his sculpture, Birth Of The Labrador.

“My approach to sculpture is to create pieces through interpretive realism. I strive to capture the form and beauty of my subjects by incorporating them into a pleasing composition through various elements including movement, shape and texture. Working from life is essential. Not only do I need to understand anatomy, but I need to comprehend my subjects’ personality and subtle gestures in order to portray them accurately in sculpture.”