Pete Zaluzec

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The work of North American wildlife artist Pete Zaluzec often raises the question, “What exactly are we looking at?”

A first glance of a Zaluzec wildlife image compels you to look more closely and inquire about the process of creating such eye-catching imagery. The portrayal of Pete’s subjects, set against Japanese gampi paper, come alive. Unlike like standard 2 dimensional photographs, the images give the appearance of depth and enhanced dimension. Zaluzec’s art is unquestionably contemporary and innovative.

Animals are unpredictable. Anyone who has spent time attempting to photograph wildlife in their natural habitat understands the difficulty in capturing that special moment. Even with an abundance of patience at his disposal, Zaluzec understands that some days will be better than others. “There are definitely times when I am leaving the field and I can’t wait to get home to see what I caught on camera”, he notes.

When asked what the catalyst was for his new and original photographic method he notes, “I had a very extensive collection of images and I wanted to find a new and nontraditional way to present them. My goal was to move beyond a simple photograph and into something completely new where my images could carry an even stronger message.”

The Chinese characters for GAMPI literally translates to “goose skin”, but it may also be referred to as “silk tissue. In its sheet form or in the raw fiber form, GAMPI by its natural make-up, reacts to ink as if it had sizing on it. In other words, it holds ink on its extremely well. For artist Pete Zaluzec, the ability to hold ink combined with its durability make GAMPI the perfect paper to produce his truly unique wildlife images.