Randy Van Beek

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Randy Van Beek was born June 28, 1958 and raised in the Pacific Northwest. As a child he exhibited exceptional artistic talent with a specific interest in drawing. His drawings portrayed his different interests throughout childhood.

Most of his attention was focused on the eighteenth century Dutch and Austrian masters, and the nineteenth century American painters, particularly the Hudson River School group. The time spent in museums in the U.S. and Europe also proved invaluable to his artistic development. His work has evolved into a unique style truly his own, but the influence of the masters is evident. He uses many of the glazing techniques or transparent layers of colors. Light creates an optical illusion and depth when it travels through the layers of color. The eye blends the color rather than light reflecting off the surface.

He is continually striving to improve in composition, which is the most intellectual aspect in painting. Its the design and arrangement of dark and light masses, the harmonious union of line, form and color to which a viewer is attracted. He develops the composition to communicate a message or a sensation.

“Whenever I travel I carry my painting equipment and camera. When I discover a scene or an effect that excites me, something unique, I attempt to capture what I feel or the impression of my visual experience.” Later in the studio Randy refers to the outdoor study paintings as well as the photographs to execute larger works. When he composes these more complex versions, he may incorporate figures, children, or wildlife, sometimes creating a story.