Come see new art! Lexi Sundell is in the house.

The creative process makes the difference between living and dying, a fact that artist Lexi Sundell experienced in her own life and sees in the lives of others.  An internationally known artist, she teaches workshops to foster the creative process, often through painting in acrylics. Creative consciousness was the subject of her 2014 TedX Whitefish talk.  She was mostly known for her floral paintings until an unusual dream about a dangerous black panther in her kitchen provoked a sharp left turn in her painting.  As a result, her current body of work features animals and birds as totems for the human spirit.  A respected expert in acrylics, she applies multiple layers of paint and texture, often on large canvases, to achieve her distinctively rich colors in paint.

Drop by Creighton Block Contemporary Gallery to see her works.