“Freedom” Lands in Big Sky

Freedom (watch video of it’s creation), a life-size bronze sculpture by Greg Woodard represents the connection of Native American and his horse. As we know, there was a time prior to the white man when the Native Americans were free from the perils of Western Expansion.  Yet the dichotomy is that white man inadvertently introduced horses to their cultures.  Quickly they became a necessity in many different ways; transportation for trade, transportation for nomadic cultures, hunting, battle for others, etc.  Ghost Rider is best described by the artist in one word – freedom.  The artwork shows oneness that the rider feels with his steed; the horse affords him freedom of movement, a larger worldview and to a great extent – freedom of thought.  But more importantly, he has a new association with nature, he can move quickly and ‘unbridled’ by the chains of earth and gravity – he has a spirit of freedom and the freedom of spirit!

Stop in and see this amazing piece or just drive by as it is located out front of CBG 1 in the Town Center, Big Sky.