Ali Darvish

BIG SKY – Ali Darvish exhibits both supreme confidence and utter humility, qualities that weave in and out of each other like quicksilver. Not to be confused with arrogance, his confidence seems a natural extension of a steadfast inner compass that keeps him anchored on a path of gratitude, service and humility.

With clients that include the National Football League and National Geographic magazine, and shooting assignments for the Carnival of Venice and the Olympic Games, the Iranian-born photographer has been successful in both the commercial and fine art sectors, but for Darvish, it has never been, nor will it ever be, about the money.

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Ali is a professional photographer and educator. He has carved out an incredible career capturing breathtaking moments at the peak of major sports action and events.  Ali’s focused determination and hard work ethic has earned him spots on the sidelines of an incredible array of sporting events covering a variety of assignments around the World.

Ali’s current assignment for the past ten years has been photographing the wild horses of Sable Island and Africa. One of his goals is to record the last testament of wild animals, endangered species and the places they inhabit before they are destroyed by the hands of man due to the escalation of poaching to satisfy far east demand.

Ali’s private Fine Art collection of photographs of African Wildlife’s, Wild Horses of Sable Island and other exotics places can be printed and framed for your home or office.