Kimberly Adams

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Walking into a room and seeing a Kimberly Adams painting on the wall is bound to stop you in your tracks. It’s not just that the colors ignite the space or that the images dance with light and energy. Nearly every one of Kimberly’s impressionistic canvases offers you a pathway to a better place where joy, happiness, and positive energy await you. “In a culture full of stress and chaos,” says the artist, “painting is my way of encouraging people to stop, pause, and enjoy the moment.”

Following in the footsteps of the Impressionists of old, Kimberly applies dozens of daubs of paint to every canvas, allowing the pure, vibrant pigments to visually blend on the surface and in the viewer’s eye. But she adds her own modern twist to the process by painting only with her fingertips. “Finger painting feels natural,” notes the artist. “I’m not obstructed by tools. When I use only my fingers, I feel I have more control on how to apply and move the paint.” And move it she does! To watch Kimberly paint is to understand where the joy and energy come from. Her hands literally dance across the canvas, sometimes blending the colors to create dimension and depth and sometimes allowing the paint to remain untouched, adding rich texture to the image’s surface.

Like so many artists, Kimberly loved art from a young age but initially chose a “safer” professional path, in her case, a successful career in retail that spanned more than 20 years. But eventually the lure of painting proved irresistible. “I found myself feeling unfulfilled,” she reflects, “and every year it became harder and harder to create the energy I needed to stay passionate about my career. I realized something had to change. I could no longer force myself to work in a job that didn’t reflect who I was as a person.” Kimberly embarked on a journey of discovery, studying the work of other artists past and present—everyone from Claude Monet to Iris Scott.