Furniture Artisan ~ Joseph Cummings

The summer after his first year in architecture school he received his first large order of furniture where he then decided to launch his first business. Joseph sold that business in 2006 in order to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps in the infantry where he did two tours of duty. Upon his return he could not escape his love for making furniture and art. So in September of 2011 he formed another business: Joseph Cummings Furniture Artisan LLC.

To him his shop is a land where exceeding limitations is encouraged. Every time he steps into it, he harnesses creative potential and hones his condition to be patient and focused. He knows that his work is a direct reflection of his own condition and this is what he loves about his work—that it not only allows him to become a better person; it commands it. With Joseph as the subject, his work as the object, the only thing that comes between them is quality. Between subject and object is quality; because quality is not an end result, it is a state of mind. This is the state of mind that Joseph approaches every piece of unique heirloom quality, customized furniture that he makes.