The Mountains Within Us ~ Reception WAS A SUCCESS!

The evening was soooo well attended and two pieces of Epstein’s were sold. Stop by to see her collection still hanging.

Epstein’s versatility and talent is showcased in “The Mountains Within Us” in her mountain landscape large format paintings, pigment visual imagery and bronze work. Her work connects us to the mountains and the earth, opening us to the power of nature within and around us.

Stop by to see her work and enjoy some time with fellow art lovers alike!  Look forward to seeing you at Creighton Block Gallery.

Epstein’s Earthscapes harken from the West as well, yet come from the arid land of Arizona and Utah.  The hues are natural pigment reminiscent of the substrate used in petroglyph cave paintings by Native Americans as well as the ground pigments of the Impressionists.  These paintings remind us of our home the earth, yet lead us to dream of the heavens.

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